1. Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler Pt 1

    Remy: Age 25
    Amberelle: Age 17
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    Cavelle International Shipping's warehouses
    Port of New Orleans district
    March 1st 2014 1:08am

    Remy paced back and forth in agitation. His light blue oxford button-up shirt was wrinkled, half untucked from his navy slacks and the sleeves rolled up to his elbows sloppily. The front was half-buttoned and showed his tight white ribbed undershirt. His jet black hair was tousled and mussed, as he ran ...
  2. Little Orphan Amby

    Amberelle: Age 8 Remy: Age 16
    New Orleans, Louisiana - Daneel Park 4:40pm

    The Harley rumbled as Remy slowly puttered down St Charles. Behind his sunglasses, his blue eyes swung back and forth scanning the sidewalk pedestrians. He would have been annoyed to spend what little free time he had after school looking for his friend's wayward cousin but Chevalier, who was normally as laid back and easy going as you could get, had been agitated and extremely upset when he'd ask ...