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  1. Sophie

    Her sense of smell was acute. Sophie was overwhelmed by everything she could smell. She could count the number of people in the room by scent alone. And track them when any of them moved about. The woman who had washed her had left the room, but Sophie knew, even without her sight, she could follow in her footsteps by scent alone. Was this what a bloodhound felt like? How a dog sensed the world around her? It was odd. She knew heightened senses often followed the loss of one sense, but she had expected acute hearing, not smell
  2. Tarillion – Tarillions, often called Rills, are a long lived species. They have no empire, no government. Instead they have blended into other societies, using their innate beauty and grace to go unnoticed.
    [quot e]
    Innate Abilities

    (Level A-C) – The Rills’ innate beauty draws people to them. While this doesn’t protect them from violence, it does protect them from death, as even the most violent attacker will wish to keep the Rill alive. A skilled Rill can use that beauty to sway the will (1-3 posts).

    Grace (D-F) – More powerful and experienced Rills gain a grace that allows them to mesmerize an opponent with voice or movement, leaving the opponent in a stupor and unable to defend, or even implant instructions in a person’s mind that they must carry out (1-5 posts). [/ quote]

    – The ability to move multiple objects, or one large one, by mind alone even when not in the same area. (as many posts and objects as level)


    Temporal Stasis/Molecular Acceleration

    Level C – With the wave of a hand or the squint of the eyes your opponent will remain frozen in time until attacked or the effects wear off after 3 posts.

    Level D – You may reach into the mind of your opponent and make them do your bidding for 4 posts.
  3. Angus

    “I know I couldn’t have prevented the attack. Really, I do. I preach it to others all the time. That isn’t what gets me.
    His hands squeezed hers lightly as he looked up into her face. “The past is done, can’t be changed. I know this. I have healed so many. . . yet I can’t heal myself?!”

    His words were soft, but fierce. He wasn’t dwelling on the assault, but on his inability to move past it. He knew all the words, all the things to tell a victim. But, that didn’t seem to be helping him. Still his body stiffened, his nerves rattled, at a slight intimate gesture. Yes, that beast had stolen his sense of control, had victimized him. But he had won free, taken charge of his life again. But, he didn’t feel in charge of himself right now. Not in the face of such emotion. He just couldn’t seem to relax.

    The Christmas Express!

    This is a little idea to have some fun! The concept is simple:

    I’ll send out a gift to somebody. When they get it they take the gift out of the package, replace it with another, and email me for the address of the next person.

    I would like any wishing to take part to pm me their address.
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