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  1. Hey could you give me my bio or post it back up please for MN? I need to look at it.
  2. I would post it in the Corner under news, and etc.
  3. Where do I announce it?
  4. Yeah, go ahead and announce it. *shrugs*
  5. Hey, do you think we should post something about Medieval Nights on here? Even one or two more members on either side would really help with the flow of things I think.
  6. Well, hopefully I responded appropriately, judging from your post I did. That's actually the first I have ever heard of it like that. Generally it's written in the power tables how it works on higher levels, but we've been in many different RPG's so that's why I had asked originally
  7. Justin, power stealing or allure like what she used. Does work on higher levels, just takes longer to work. So instead of one post, it would take two. That is what I was told when I was beginning and that is how it has been through many rpgs. That is also how I am teaching it here.
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