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Conversation Between Kawanee and Elek
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  1. Elek
    04-04-2017 08:06 PM
    Chari preened under the praise, and yet her dark blue eyes were a little troubled. She couldn't understand why she wasn't in trouble. She did understand, but part of her waited, not trusting it. Part of her told her it was a game she couldn't win. Still despite her uncertainty, a soft smile tugged the lip she held captive between her teeth.

    "Like wha-" Her words ended in a sharp yelp as she was suddenly rolled beneath him. She grabbed at his shoulders and held onto him lightly as he hovered above her, she wasn't scared... well maybe a little, but she was also thrilled by the danger. Like a skydiver, she wanted the rush even if it was a bit terrifying, even if it killed her... she wanted it.

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