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Conversation Between Epona and Silverhawk
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  1. Epona
    11-13-2012 05:04 PM
    (Windi) because it is fun!
  2. Epona
    11-13-2012 03:41 PM
    I'm all for it if you are Kawanee
  3. Epona
    12-30-2008 09:15 AM
    nope, none last night
  4. Silverhawk
    12-30-2008 08:06 AM
    Did I have an asthma attack last night? Or was it a dream? I swear I heard you talking me through one. And my chest hurt when I woke up.
  5. Epona
    11-03-2008 05:00 PM
    Please do not forget to pick me up at 9pm.

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