Little Orphan Amby

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Amberelle: Age 8 Remy: Age 16
New Orleans, Louisiana - Daneel Park 4:40pm

The Harley rumbled as Remy slowly puttered down St Charles. Behind his sunglasses, his blue eyes swung back and forth scanning the sidewalk pedestrians. He would have been annoyed to spend what little free time he had after school looking for his friend's wayward cousin but Chevalier, who was normally as laid back and easy going as you could get, had been agitated and extremely upset when he'd ask Remy to join them in searching for the youngest De'Espionne. He'd been unable to say no to that. Most of the tight-knit family had fanned out, driving or boarding the streetcar and making their way from the uptown area towards their family's Garden District home. He and Chevalier had taken the time to try and catch her scent before making their way out of the school's parking lot. Chevalier was on foot and heading south following the wind, Remy on his motorcycle.

Coming alongside Daneel Park he peered into the throngs of families and frowned. Way too many green and white school uniforms to pick out one young girl. Then another strong breeze blew past and brought her scent fresher than before so he slowed and parked along the curb. He kept scanning the crowd, brow furrowed as he tried to figure out how to find her in a crowd. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a bit of movement and raised his view to one of the sprawling old oaks along the park's edge. Through the rustling leaves, he spied flashes of kelly green and white. A foot swinging idly. He shut off the Harley and pocketed the keys in his black leather jacket. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his standard-issue green uniform slacks and slowly made his way around and towards the tree where he could now see her perched precariously on one of the branches.

Amberelle looked out over the crowd and hummed to herself. Curious golden eyes would stop and hover, watching one child being fussed over by his Mother as she wiped their chin. Over then to a Dad spinning his squealing boys around in circles and they held onto each hand. Back to spy a crying toddler with a skinned knee being fawned over before Mom bent down to kiss it and magically dispel the pain, bringing forth smiles. Her serious face never changed as she indulged in her favorite pastime. She'd been here for over an hour she guessed, based on the shifting sun and shadows. Far longer than she should have, but today she was in no hurry to go home. She'd skipped out of the school lot, slipping right past her brother who'd been too busy kissing his girlfriend up against his car to notice as she passed. Not that she minded, she liked how Helena made her brother smile. He hardly ever did. Soft footsteps in the leaves beneath her caught her attention and she looked down. The tall dark-haired boy looking up at her was familiar and she absent-mindedly tucked a long blonde lock behind her ear as she studied his upturned face. "Hello," she said with a soft, shy voice. He was making her nervous. People weren't supposed to notice her in the tree. It was supposed to be a safe place to hide and watch others. He grinned a slightly lopsided wide smile that was bright white against his tanned skin.

"Hey there," he called up. "You're one of Anjelique's friends aren't you?" Amber's brow furrowed for a moment at the name of one of her classmates. Then he raised the sunglasses and his face clicked. She nodded with a soft mmhmm. "You're her brother... my cousin Chevalier's friend, aren't you?" The raven-haired teen nodded. His threat level lowered several notches in her mind and she found her attention being drawn back to her people watching.

Looking up at her, Remy was puzzled as she recognized him then summarily dismissed him to stare back out at the park. Looking over at the tree trunk he gauged the risk then walked over to haul himself up and gingerly lower himself onto the same branch close to the trunk. His head turned and he tried to follow her gaze. Closer now he could hear her soft humming but the song eluded him. "So... whatcha looking at?" he finally asked after a few minutes of being ignored. Large golden amber eyes turned to him and he couldn't help but think they seemed far too old for someone her age. She stared at him, blinking for a few moments before her cheeks went pink and she glanced away. She chewed on her bottom lip before hesitantly answering him. "I like... I like to watch the Mommies and Daddies." Her little fingers gripped the branch as a strong gust sent it bobbling. He braced himself to jump down and catch her if needed but her balance was superb and she never even looked alarmed. He mulled over her answer. Everyone in school knew the De'Espionnes were all orphans being raised by their Grandparents. He looked out and studied the crowd with her for several minutes finding himself doing the same. His voice was softer and more introspective when he spoke next. "Ya know... I'm an orphan too. My Mom and Dad died when I was younger than you." He glanced to the side to see he had her full attention again.

Amber studied the boy beside her curiously. Her brow furrowed and she shook her head. "N..No.. you have a Mom and Dad. You're Fabian and Anjelique's, brother." Her face looked stormy now, annoyed he would lie. But he simply shook his head slowly and looked over at her. She noticed his eyes were blue like a late afternoon sky on a clear day. "Nope, I am but I'm adopted. So my parents did die in a.. ahh.. shipwreck. Then I came to live with the Cavelles." The girl made a soft huh sound and looked down at her kicking foot. Her voice was so soft he almost couldn't hear it when she started talking. "I'm sorry, I know that sucks. Mine died when I was a baby. I don't even remember what it's like to have one... so I like to watch other people's." She ducked her head, obviously a little embarrassed and almost... forlorn. He didn't know why, but he wanted to see her smile again and not look so sad.

"Hey look at that one over there," he pointed to a frazzled-looking middle-aged man trying to tame two screaming toddlers on child leashes. Amberelle followed and giggled, her hand covering her mouth as she grinned at the increasingly exasperated expression on his face. Encouraged, Remy began pointing out others and spinning comical stories about them. Soon they were both laughing and grinning. Before they realized it the park was slowly clearing out. Glancing at his watch Remy was stunned to see it was almost 6pm. Her family must be in full meltdown mode by now. With a reluctant sigh he slid down and walked underneath her. She was watching him curiously, head tilted to the side. "C'mon, I need to get you home." he said, holding his arms up for her. Her face scrunched up and she glowered at him in annoyance.

"I'm not some helpless cat stuck in a tree," she scoffed. Remy just grinned. "Of course not," he bantered back. "Maybe more of a fierce kitten who wouldn't mind a little help down?" Amber's only response was to stick her tongue out at him before nimbly scrambling to her feet and balancing on the branch. It bobbed and swayed and she could see Remy watching anxiously. Glancing over at the trunk and then back down she looked thoughtful. "Catch?" she asked quietly and he nodded. Amberelle hesitated for a moment longer then turned and let herself fall into his waiting arms.

Catching her with ease. Remy grinned down at the girl and gently set her on her feet. "There we go kitten, all safe and sound back on the ground. Now uh... how about you let me give you a ride home? You know how to ride on a motorcycle, right?" She nodded and he grabbed her hand, letting her skip along beside him back to his Harley.

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