Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler Pt 1

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Remy: Age 25
Amberelle: Age 17
New Orleans, Louisiana
Cavelle International Shipping's warehouses
Port of New Orleans district
March 1st 2014 1:08am

Remy paced back and forth in agitation. His light blue oxford button-up shirt was wrinkled, half untucked from his navy slacks and the sleeves rolled up to his elbows sloppily. The front was half-buttoned and showed his tight white ribbed undershirt. His jet black hair was tousled and mussed, as he ran his hand through again. He paused in front of the silent figure hanging a dozen feet away. The man's head drooped and he hung limply in the chains dangling from the overhead rafter beams. Further beyond were four more men all bound to chairs, blindfolded and gagged. He turned his head to look at his younger brother. Fabian was the picture of sophistication in his perfectly pressed Armani suit while he swore and yelled into his cell phone. The fury flushing his face and the volume of his voice were the only indications that anything bothered him. There were several armed men scattered around the warehouse, quietly conversing amongst themselves as they watched their bosses slowly unraveling.

Remy's head whirled around as the large overhead door began to roll up. An electric blue motorcycle, some rice burner model built for speed not style in his opinion, came rolling in slowly followed by a navy blue Aston Martin convertible with the top up. The headlights made him squint and turn away until both moved past him and parked on the far side of the warehouse. The motorcycle occupant was known to him and he barely spared the tall lanky male a glance as he climbed off and removed his helmet to show spiky platinum blonde hair with neon blue tips. No, Remy's stormy blue eyes went to the driver's door as it swung open. He was not expecting the long golden legs that swung out with their shimmering champagne gold stilettos. From inside Amberelle rose, the slit in her floor-length sequined dress that matched her shoes going nearly to her hip so he got to drink in almost every inch of the lithe dancer's legs before she turned. Her long wild blonde mane had been piled into a messy tumbling bundle arranged artfully on her head and it left her back bare down to the shadowy dip just before the swell of her ass. She turned, shoving the car's door closed with a hip as she made her way towards him. The halter top dress sparkled in the lights, its plunging open neckline revealing far more of her lush curves than he felt was appropriate for public viewing.

"What the actual fuck are you doing here, kitten," he demanded with a scowl. "I asked for someone to help get information from these dirtbags."

One well-sculpted blonde brow rose as she looked at him nonplussed. "Hi... nice to see you too." she drawled sarcastically. Her golden eyes couldn't help but drink him in. Amberelle hadn't really seen him in almost a year and it was insane how much of an ache she felt in her chest as she looked at him. "You asked for a De'Espionne to help... so here I am." Crossing her arms under her breasts she glowered back at him.

"Here WE are," her cousin Calibre called out from over at the foreman's desk where he was busy unpacking an obnoxious lime green colored laptop covered in anime stickers. The naked kind of anime Remy noted.

"Look," Remy said, running his hands through his hair again to rest on his neck. "I just... I need someone who can get this done fast. I figured your brother would come."

Amber waved her hand dismissively. "He's coordinating efforts from the house. Chevalier is already at the bar where the girls were last seen trying to find their scents. I am here to get these..." she gestured vaguely towards the bound men "assholes to tell us what we need to know."

Concerned golden eyes met his blue and she stepped up close, one hand rising to cup the side of his face while she lay the other over his heart. Her voice dropped softly for him alone to hear. "I got you, ok? I am going to find out where they took your sister." She searched his face for a moment until he unclenched his jaw slightly. "She's my friend too, you know." Amber added with a gentle smile. Finally, Remy nodded and seemed to deflate slightly. They stood, unmoving and just looking at one another.

"Yahtzee!" Calibre rang out in a sing-song voice, drawing both their attention. Her hands dropped and she stepped back abruptly. "You've got the wrong one strung up," the other De'Espionne continued not even looking at them as he waived around a cell phone. "He's not the one in charge."

Amber opened her mouth to speak but was cut off when Fabian Cavelle walked up and looked her up and down derisively. "Really Calibre, what the hell? You bring the baby along to distract them with all that cleavage while you question them?" Amberelle instantly put a hand up against Remy's chest when he seemed to surge towards his brother, holding him still.

"Go fuck yourself, Fabian," she said with a sweet smile. "This is business so either get out of my way so I can work or you're going to have to tell your Daddy why Anjelique was at a seedy bar the Saturday before Mardi Gras when she's only 16... and under your watch." Her honey gold eyes flashed sparks as they met his cold gray ones. Finally, his eyes dropped and he turned away.

"Get to work then, we don't have time for this," he muttered as he walked away and slammed out of the warehouse into the offices beyond. Amber gave a satisfied smirk and turned back to Remy, squeezing one bicep lightly before brushing past to look at what her cousin had found. Remy's blue eyes drifted down to watch the sway of her hips and the incredible ass her lifetime of dance and martial had sculpted. After a moment he shook himself from that and followed her.

The tall Cajun towered over the others at five inches over six feet and was an intimidating sight standing to the left of the desk, silent with his arms crossed over his chest as he watched Amber and Calibre quietly reviewing the pile of cell phones, wallets, and jewelry that had been pulled from their "guests". They discussed the nuances of whose iPhone was newer and nicer, and which Rolex was real versus fake. Then they went through credit cards to check limits and spending habits, the men's IDs had their addresses plugged in and reviewed. As the hacker among them plugged away with that Remy sighed in annoyance. Her pretty golden eyes swept up to meet his and she gave him an amused look. His kitten could clearly tell he had no idea what was the big deal.

"Aren't you going to ask them where the girls are?" His tone was strained from all of the waiting.

"I will ask the questions once I know who to ask, and what." was all she replied. Her smile grew though and he scowled deeper.

Fifteen minutes after the pair arrived they were in agreement. Calibre began transferring files to an iPad and Amber looked around the warehouse. A flicker of annoyance crossed her face for a moment then she shrugged a pretty shoulder. The movement drew her friend's gaze back from shooting daggers at the man groaning and squirming in the chains. Amber turned and headed back towards her car. "Let me just change real quick..." she called over her shoulder.

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