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    Before continuing to post and play on TMC, a few Copyright and legal matters must be read and understood. If you do not understand, do not post until...
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    Tarillion – Tarillions, often called Rills, are a long lived species. They have no empire, no government. Instead they have blended into other societies, using their innate beauty and grace to go unnoticed.
    [quot e]
    Innate Abilities

    (Level A-C) – The Rills’ innate beauty draws people to them. While this doesn’t protect them from violence, it does protect them from death, as even the most violent attacker will wish to keep the Rill alive. A skilled Rill can use that beauty to sway the will (1-3 posts).

    Grace (D-F) – More powerful and experienced Rills gain a grace that allows them to mesmerize an opponent with voice or movement, leaving the opponent in a stupor and unable to defend, or even implant instructions in a person’s mind that they must carry out (1-5 posts). [/ quote]

    – The ability to move multiple objects, or one large one, by mind alone even when not in the same area. (as many posts and objects as level)


    Temporal Stasis/Molecular Acceleration

    Level C – With the wave of a hand or the squint of the eyes your opponent will remain frozen in time until attacked or the effects wear off after 3 posts.

    Level D – You may reach into the mind of your opponent and make them do your bidding for 4 posts.
  2. Annazia

    "Sounds good!"

    Annazia was relieved that Chari seemed excited and pleased about all she had done while her Lady was on the island. Anna listened as Chari spoke of how good it would feel to have a home again. She couldn’t help but smile at Chari’s enthusiasm. She noticed the clear hitch when Chari mention Dmitri

    "Anyway, we can put on some music and shorts and get to work, then get Pete to make us a pizza.. oh! We can cook it ourselves!" Chari lay still listening to the waves and birds calling. "What do you like to eat Zia? I've got pretty simple tastes, but I'm learning to try new things and I found out that I like them. Thanks to Dmi-" She broke off, she needed to find a new topic of conversation; she'd done a lot of talking about herself last night, it was time she learn more about Zia. "Is there anything I need to know about you?"

    She dozed off but then her eyes popped open again only a short time later. She had no idea what had jarred her awake but she'd learned not to give herself away and lay still breathing evenly and listening. She reminded herself that Silverhawk had said there were no other people there. Anything else she could probably handle... She cautiously raised her head and looked around but didn't see anything alarming. A few seconds later there was a loud noise and Chari realized that it was just the waves breaking against a hollow in the rocks. She hadn't heard it before because of the tide. She rolled over and sat up to stretch, her skin felt tight and itchy as if she had a healing sunburn.

    Chari reached back to scratch; it felt good to scratch and yet it hurt at the same time. She yawned and looked over at Zia; it appeared as though she had decided to take a nap too. Her shoulders were getting a little color and it was time to turn over. "Hey Zia, you're going to burn..."

    Once Anna was awake Chari suggested they train a little before they got something to eat. She showed Anna the ways to break holds the same way Dmitri had taught her. She showed her how she'd broken away from the Prince and although it had taken some convincing Chari managed to get Anna to struggle with her. She showed Anna how to throw her off of her even though she was bigger.

    "You're doing great." Chari praised Anna during the practise. "It was hard for me to fight Dmitri too, at first I was afraid he'd get mad and hurt me." After a while she called for a break and suggested they eat and get something to drink. She dropped onto the sheet and dug into the basket. She took the dagger out of bundle of clothes and began cutting into the fruits and divided them up between them. "So after we eat you want to go explore?"
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    "Anna; when I was taken I was beaten, whipped, burned, cut up and worse," Chari's voice was low as she spoke into the darkness. It was late and the estate was quiet; she was curled up in a chair in front of the fireplace staring at the window. "It was repeatedly and in almost every way imaginable."

    Chari paused and took a moment to let Anna digest what she was telling her and to compose herself.

    "That's just what I can remember and if you ask me how long I was there I couldn't tell you. They say it was only a few days but to me it was more like weeks." She continued after a couple of minutes. "I have scars, nightmares and piercings I don't want. I have an irrational fear of bathrooms but I have no idea why and I often get confused and overwhelmed. I'm afraid, most of the time."

    Chari shifted in the chair, she hadn't told anyone these things. She needed to now, so Anna would understand the gravity of the promise she was going to ask her to make when she was done.

    "The only thing I knew to call HIM was Master, or Sir. HE killed people because... I- because I." Chari stressed her guilt on the "I". "I didn't do as I was told or what HE wanted; HE stole life from people and used me to store them... until HE needed their energy." Although Chari continued her confessional; her voice and speech were halting. "Now I know HIS name but I ...I am afraid to use it even now. HE came to the Island and found me and I was so afraid, my "training" so complete that I dropped those protective wards Dmitri gave me. I- I- let HIM in..."

    "I dunno why- I was safe inside." Chari's voice broke a little but still she continued. "I'm telling you this because if we ever come up against the man who held me, you need to run. You need to leave me behind; I can't be trusted not to-to- fall into that old training, and give into that fear again." She hardened her voice stressing the importance of what she was saying. "You need to know what I want now, before it happens, when I'm clearminded. You need to understand that HE'll hurt you to control me. So you hide, run, do whatever you have to do to get away." Chari's voice was harder and her words wer almost a direct order.

    Chari suddenly remembered something Dmitri had explained about the Jancuzi, and even Anna's own words from earlier. She'd use them now to make sure Anna understood.

    "If that happens the best way you could serve your lady is to try and get away from him; if you hesitate I'll be mad." Chari was betting her life that if Anna would cut off her hand to make her happy, she'd also do anything to avoid making her mad even if it meant leaving her in HIS hands temporarily. "You go! No questions, no doubts; it's what I want you to do more than anything else in the world. Because if you get away, I'll know that I have help coming but if there's no help- no escape then- there's no hope for us. I can't go back to that; I'd rather die." Chari spoke urgently. "Anna, you have to promise me that you'll do that for me and I'll wait. I'll wait as long as I can, but I won't wait forever. You understand?"
  4. “Have you?” Silverhawk raised one eyebrow. “The Cardorians were a peaceful people. . . their disappearance is one of the great mysteries. About four hundred years ago. . . they just up and vanished. No clue as to why or where they went. Few even know how to reach this world. . .”

    As he spoke he led her and Ally from the small room. A soft pattering of feet announced the arrival of Hamid and his wife. The Jancuzi man and women stood all of three and a half feet tall. They had nut brown skin, delicate features, long black hair and large green eyes. They were the picture of small wood elves. . . indeed, the Jancuzi race were once the servants of the Sidhe. After their masters left they were lost, bereft of purpose. It didn’t take long for them to find other peoples to serve. They found peace and joy it meeting the needs of others in exchange for protection and security. Silverhawk had brought Hamid and his here. And they happily served his every need upon his rare visits. Silverhawk gave the pair a slight bow.

    “Good day to you, Hamid, Jalla. Blessings on your household.”

    “And on yours, my lord, my ladies.” Hamid’s return bow was just as dignified. The smile never left his face. “And how fares the wide universe, my lord?”

    This was clearly a ritual greeting between the two. Silverhawk smiled. Not a little half grin this time, but a full fledged smile. The worry lines on his face smoothed away. He looked like a young man sharing a hidden joke.

    “In horrible disrepair, as always my friend. I’d like you to meet Ally Cecini and Maxima. They are here to rest. They have had a trying few days and need the healing balm of simplicity.”

    “My ladies, welcome to Villa de Salavega.” Hamid bowed deeply to the two women.

    “Then they’ll be needin’ some o’ mine good ole home cookin’. Hamid, be a dear and send Rannie out a fishin’. I best be getting’ started. The larder is sure ta be bare!”

    Silverhawk tried hard not to let his mirth show at Jalla’s woeful expression. Knowing her the pantry was better stocked than most rulers of worlds could boast. He turned to his two guests and gave them a secretive wink. This place was the closest thing to a home he had claimed in a thousand years. He only came here once every few years. At first it had been spending time with the Cardorians. . . after they left, he made use of the villa as his own retreat. The place was simplistic and beautiful. The weather was moderate most all year long. It was the perfect vacation spot. And a wonderful place to raise a family. Jalla headed off to the kitchen and Hamid went to round up his children.

    “They are wonderful, aren’t they. It won’t take Jalla more than twenty minutes to have a beautiful meal ready so we best get too settling in and washing up. This here is my room, overlooking the sea. The view is splendid. Feel free to pick from the others.”

    He spoke as he guided them to the sleeping chambers at the rear of the house. Each boasted a spectacular view. His jutted out on a finger of rock allowing for an amazing view, while still being rather secluded from the view of others. He inclined his head to them in parting as he entered. The closet held comfortable, yet elegant clothing in his cut. A pitcher and basin of water stood in one corner. He stripped off his shirt and began to wash up before dinner.
  5. On a world far far away. . .

    It felt very similar to passing through one of the gates in his maze. . . they seemed to slowly move through a cool liquid. Then, they were stepping out of one of the large circular gates. The light faded and the gate went dark. They were standing in a small forest clearing. A path led away through the trees. The trees, while foreign, had that green healing feel to them. It could be a secluded place on Earth. . . if you didn’t look too close or try to identify the plants or insects. Silverhawk dropped his arms to his sides, a bit self conscious. Gently he gestured to the path.

    “There is a place, much like a villa overlooking the beach. We are less than a mile away. Come, let us go. . .”

    After a short hike the trees thinned and the faded into a field of wild flowers. A stream gurgled merrily in the grass like foliage nearby. Ancient buildings could be seen ahead, covered in flowering vines. Beyond them a vast blue ocean could be glimpsed. The breeze carried birdsong and fragrant scents. Without touching either Ally or Maxima, he steered them through the gate and numerous out buildings into the main structure. The structure was old, but clearly well kept. He led them to a small chamber tiled with beautiful, albeit alien, patterns. A rope hung through the ceiling. He gave this a single tug. . . and a bell sounded, ringing clear and bright.

    “There. . . Hamid well come. He and his wife will see to our needs while we stay here. There are many rooms. . . pick one that suits you. . . and get some rest. I’ll see if we can’t manage a quiet meal in an hour or two. There is a wonderful roman style bath in the left wing. The path to the beach begins through that arch. The Kitchen is just off to the right. Make yourselves at home.”
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    thanks for the welcome...lol...sorry im a little slow to answer....um...for crafts i do resin stuff, i make jewelry, i like to sew and knit....i draw and paint, starting to get into clay. love taking old things and making them new. I just love to be creative! lol
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    Chari created a large fireball and swept her hand through the grass couple with her wind bending abilities she sent the grassfire out and away from herself in a large arc trying to cover the area the shots had come from.

    While the fire quickly spread fed by her powers gobbling up the dry tops of the reeds with dark roiling cloud of smoke rising into the air as the moist underbrush burned slower. Between the racing fire and the dark smoke she hoped that she was out of Amber's sight.

    Chari gritted her teeth and carefully used the sword tip to try to dig the arrow out of her leg, She growled and screamed between tightly clenched lips but finally she found the tip and dug it out. Blood welled up out of the deep wound, but it wasn't spurting so she hadn't hit anything too important. She felt sick to her stomach, and lightheaded, she had to stop the bleeding even covered in her own blood she stuffed the shaft into her mouth. She took a few deep breaths to prepare herself for what she was about to do, swhen she thought she was ready stuck her finger just into the wound and shot a small blast of fire.

    A low gutteral growl of pain rumbled in her throat and she rolled onto her side to be sick again. She lay there gasping until she forced herself to crawl away while the flames protected her retreat. Her shoulder could wait, she knew if she tried that trick again she'd be out and she'd never hear the cannon signal her demise. No, she had to keep moving or she would die.
  8. She seems to innately good for that. The sort of abuse Ezig will give her would be more likely to make her hate him and fight against all her represents.
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    I was actually thinking that maybe she does end up on the brotherhood side of the board after spending some time under Ezig tutelage... Maybe later she can show up and see Silverhawk and be ashamed of what she's been through, what she'd done and all that to think she could ever be one of the Blessed. Maybe she'd run back to Ezig.. I dunno.
  10. lol. Not judging anybody.
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