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    “I assure you, the food here will be no more weird and alien to you than your Earth cuisine is to me.”

    He smiled. He had no doubt it would be delicious and she would find at least one new dish that she would enjoy. . . after all, it was Jalla’s cooking. The woman was a superb cook. While mostly vegetarians. .. the Jancuzi would eat fish and small game. He noticed Ally’s glance around the room. When her eyes came to a halt on the small orb on the shelf. . . he held his breath caught in his throat. Please say she didn’t. . . but, her words confirmed the worst.

    “You didn’t?! Ally. . . surely sometime in your young life someone’s told you not to touch everything you see.”

    The words were spoken softly, lightly chiding. Silverhawk slipped a blue glove from the shelf and onto his long fingered hand. He picked up the orb and in floated neatly above his palm. With the other hand picked up another object from the same shelf, an eyepiece of sorts. After viewing the orb for a few moments he sighed and placed it back on its stamd. Replacing the glove and eye piece he sighed. His words were disgusted and barely audible.

    “Talk about trauma. . .”

    By the time he looked back at the two ladies Ally was engrossed in another unique object. This time it was a wall hanging. The moving woven images told the story of the Cahnir people. He decided it would be best to get moving. . . before Ally touched anything else. He made a mental note to be sure to lock his personal study. . .

    “Yes, it is interesting, isn’t it. Come, off we go.” That said he motioned her to the hallway.
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    Ally Cecini

    Ally walked down the corridors and soon found herself lost completely in the huge estate. She saw some double doors and smiled. Thinking she found the dining room at last, she pushed them open. Ally sighed as she found it to be the library. Grumbling to herself, she looked at the shelves. It was interesting to see all these books in one room. Some of the public libraries on Earth aren't this extensive.

    Ally took a few steps towards the bookshelf and noticed a blue orb like object. Squinting, she moved to get a closer look. Looking inside of the blue orb she noticed something sparkling. Looking at it for a long time, she picked it up and one of her fingers went right into it. A faint scream was heard as she jumped and quickly put the orb back on the black stand. The screaming stopped as the world that it contained went back to normal and the UFO they saw that looked like a finger was removed from their sky.

    The door opened and Silverhawk and Maxima entered the library. Sighing, she nodded at Silverhawk's request for her joining them for dinner.

    "Great, I'm starving."

    She hesitated and then commented to Silverhawk.

    "Uh, please don't tell me we are going to have weird alien food here.."

    Ally didn't know if she could eat something from another world right now. She was craving for some chicken and rice. And spinach with butter. She took a step towards the couple. She looked at Maxima and noticed the dress the woman was wearing. It was clear that the two dresses came from the villa as they were more out of this world. Ally glanced again around the room and motioned towards the orb.

    "So what is that orb? I heard screams from it.."

    Her voice trailed out as she looked around the room and noticed a floating taperstry. It wasn't hung by any strings. She studied it as the picture kept constantly moving.

    "Interesting place you have here Silverhawk."
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    And they found her just a few short minutes into their hunt, in the library. The large room was filled with books. Thousands of them. The works of hundreds of worlds and thousands of languages filled shelves on every wall. The only wall space that was not used to house these precious works was the doorways, fireplace, and tiny windows just below the ceiling. There were several comfortable chairs of many different styles. Small tables held more books and curious oddities. Scattered all about the room were objects and finding from across the known worlds. And there, in the center of the room, was Ally. They found her. For a moment he wished they hadn’t. The desire was so strong it surprised him, woke him to reality. He was baffled as to where the emotions originated from. His cool iron tight discipline seemed to have crumbled. . . but how? Why? He barely knew the women next to him. His thoughts a jumbled mess, he just stood there mutely a moment.
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