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Silverhawk has a reputation beyond reputeSilverhawk has a reputation beyond reputeSilverhawk has a reputation beyond reputeSilverhawk has a reputation beyond reputeSilverhawk has a reputation beyond reputeSilverhawk has a reputation beyond reputeSilverhawk has a reputation beyond reputeSilverhawk has a reputation beyond reputeSilverhawk has a reputation beyond reputeSilverhawk has a reputation beyond reputeSilverhawk has a reputation beyond repute
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  1. Silverhawk
    07-27-2015 05:33 PM
    "I gotta go, Tsídii."

    "But, there is so much more to talk about."

    "I know. But, but if I don't go now my little sister is gonna dump a bucket of water on my head. And don't think I'm kidding! Charlie is that sort of girl. I'll be back tonight."


    His dark eyes captured hers as his strong hand framed her cheek. He leaned in for a long kiss that said more than any words could ever promise. When he pulled back her brown eyes were unfocused and dazed. His heart did a curious flip at the awe in her face as her fingers lightly touched her lips.

    "Only if you'll promise too."

    "I do. Every night."

    "Chase? Wake up!"

    "Gotta go, little bird."

    "I'm up!"

    He could hear a disgruntled sigh and water sloshing in the hall. Chase couldn't help but laugh. Charlie had been trying to get him back ever since he'd dunked her in the creek for picking on that Thompson boy.
  2. Silverhawk
    02-27-2015 03:04 PM

    Drekav smiled at Tala, pleased by her comment.

    “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

    The fire dance bowed as one and beat a hasty exit. Servant changed out dishes from the first course and replaced them with roasted rabbit and spiced fruit. Drinks were refilled quickly, before a guard brought in the next round of entertainment. Three men were brought in, chained at wrist, and ankle, and to each other by collars on their necks. They could hardly walk. The guards ruthlessly forced them forward and shoved them to their knees.
  3. Silverhawk
  4. Silverhawk
    02-23-2015 03:37 PM
    Passing in the Night. . .

    He had gotten everyone where they needed to be. Vani was on the ship, getting settled. Brad and the boys were starting basic training and helping settle in Vani’s people. He’d spent some time with Brad’s family,

    Morgan slid down Allysandra’s side to land besidethe huge purple Dragon. The Heir used her ability to effect gravity to push down on a pressure switch. Suddenly a square section of deck, the square section they were standing on, gave a small lurch and began to slowly lower. It wasn’t and overly fast motion and Morgan could have jumped from the moving section.

    And as they slowly sank lower, the sky became a large rectangle above them. . . that slowly shrank smaller. When at last the sky was no more than a patch of blue small enough to be blocked out by a raised hand, the dark trip into the belly of the large ship came to a noisy halt. Metal clanged against metal. The only light came from high above, leaving them in a dimly lit rectangle. . . and the rest of what felt like a vast space pitch black.

    **Watch your step.**

    Morgan and Allysandra stepped down off the elevator into the darkened, echoing chamber. Within seconds of the dragon getting clear of the mobile platform it began to rise again. Again, its motion was slow. As it rose it slowly cut out all the light from above. The moment the large metal platform plugged the chute through which they had descended, cutting off all day light, it flipped a switch and the lights in the vast camber came on.

    The sudden change from nearly pitch black to bright fluorescent lighting was rather blinding. Morgan and Allysandra, accustomed to the change, were prepared for it and didn’t so much a pause. The lights revealed that they were now standing in the cargo hold of the ship! No doubt the only chamber large enough to house a dragon. It took up nearly a third of the sixth and seventh decks. There were stacks of cargo off to one side, but the majority of the place looked like a child’s fairy tale princess dream come true. There was a large (queen sized?) bed with a four carved wooden posts holding up a shear canopy. There were wardrobes lined up in a neat row, seven or so in all. Just the solid wood with its intricate carvings would have sold for enough to feed a small village. In the right corner was a mound of solid gold. Gold lined the walls and ceiling. It was to this corner that Allysandra headed. The left corner was filled out with weapons and toys in equal measure. The weapons were all neatly cared for and displayed. . . while the toys and games were heaped in messy piles and shoved in forgotten corners. There was a basket ball court, video games, couches, and even a pool table. Books were scattered about while the shelf meant to contain them stood empty.
  5. Silverhawk
    01-17-2015 08:39 PM

    Eblis cocked her head to the side, listening. Drekav was aware, though he didn’t seem to be. The Sethimordre was always aware of those in his vicinity. The young female Jancuzi was no exception. She had been clearing away the dishes from the meal while he sharpened his blade. But now she stood,
  6. Silverhawk
    09-29-2014 03:29 PM

    Martin took advantage of his wife’s tilted head to lean down and devour her lips. The logistics made it a bit sloppy, but he really didn’t care. Nor did he care who saw. He only cared about her, and Archie. The only two who really mattered. He
  7. Dmitri
    07-09-2014 03:35 PM
    Silverhawk stopped just past the doorway, Sandra right behind him. He watched the exchange like the neutral observer he so often had to be. He was impressed by the speed and skill of Dmitri’s redirect, refocusing Martin with a single move.

    Martin and Abbigail

    Martin was about ready to beat Brad when Dmitri snagged his arm, causing him to swing about and lay eyes on his trembling wife. Instantly she became his primary concern. Dmitri could deal with Brad, he needed to be there for his wife.

    He touched her shoulder. She yelped and began to lash out. Martin wrapped her into a big hug, absorbing her struggles. Her apologetic sobs brought tears to his eyes. “You’re breaking my heart, Abby girl. Shhh. . . it’s all right. You’re safe. Nobody is going to hurt you, Abby girl.”

    Martin was the only person who ever called her Abby girl. Slowly she ceased struggling and pleading as she realized it was his strong arms about her. She leaned against his chest, stifling her sobs and whimpers until she was relatively calm. It wasn’t easy. The past was so close to the surface, haunting her. But the sound of Martin’s voice, his gentle hold and clean scent helped bring her back to the present.

    “I. . I’m s-sorry. I j-just. . . “

    She closed her eyes and let the words trail off as Martin shushed her and stroked her hair. Martin trusted Dmitri to handle anything that needed handling, he was oblivious to everything but his wife and her needs just then.
  8. Silverhawk
    07-07-2014 03:33 PM

    “You’re kidding, right? As if you’d need to ask!”
    Martin stared at Dmitri as if he were a special kind of special. “I would die for you, Dmitri. You save not only my wife, but me as well. And then gave us a child when we thought we’d never get that chance. You wouldn’t need to ask.”

    When you add up how grateful I am to with my
  9. Silverhawk
    06-13-2014 03:19 PM
    “You didn’t know. But you suspected.” Silverhawk rose to his full height in a fluid motion, then stuck out a hand to help Brad up. [b] “You let fear dictate your life. Even now. That is a truly dangerous way to live.
  10. Morgan
    06-09-2014 10:13 AM

    Her sense of smell was acute. Sophie was overwhelmed by everything she could smell. She could count the number of people in the room by scent alone. And track them when any of them moved about. The woman who had washed her had left the room, but Sophie knew, even without her sight, she could follow in her footsteps by scent alone. Was this what a bloodhound felt like? How a dog sensed the world around her? It was odd. She knew heightened senses often followed the loss of one sense, but she had expected acute hearing, not smell

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    She tossed her head, her eyes sparkling with mischief. Waves of dark hair spilled around her face and down her shoulders. "Fortunately, I don't acknowledge anyone as an authority, so there's no problem whatsoever."


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