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Epona 11-10-2008 03:05 PM

Kali Yuga #1
Death Is Only The Beginning

The world has been turned upside down. In this plane, Buffy Anne Summers was killed by the Master at the beginning of her peak. Sunnydale is not sunny any longer. Willow, Xander and Cordelia have all been turned to vampires. The Master is still wandering the night at Sunnydale. It is up to the group from the other plane to straighten up the mess.

The group finds themselves in a place where Buffy and Willow spent a lot of time, the library of the high school. The stacks are all ruined and shattered in different pieces. It looks like it wasn't used for a long time.


Valfreyja appeared with the group and smiled grimly. Her brown hair was pulled into a ponytail. She ditched her normal valkyrie outfit for a pair of jeans and a purple tee-shirt that said "Got Valkyrie?"

"This is Buffy's world. Magic is more wild in this world than you are used to Harry, Hermoine, and Ron. Magic can be used by anyone who studies it in this verse. Please be careful for vampires rule the night here and food for them is down."

Harry Potter- temp

Harry looked at the ancient that pulled him from his world. His eyebrow crickled as he listened to Valfreyja. He sighed and pulled out his wand. He was going to be ready for anything.

Prue Halliwell- temp

Prue wrinkled her nose as she looked around at the mess. Trying to take charge, she looked at Val and tried to understand that magic was more wild here. She waved her hands and nothing happened to the books that she aimed at. Frowning, she looked at Valfreyja.

"What does that mean with our powers?"

Lilandra 11-11-2008 04:45 AM

Phoebe Halliwell

Phoebe appeared in the library with the others. She looked at the group she was with. Her mind was still running through the events that had brought them all together. Her gaze focused on Harry, Hermoine and Ron. They were only children and they were brought into this life or death battle to save the world. She could not hide the compassion in her eyes as she looked at them. Turning her gaze to Valfreyja, her mind shifted back to her own dealings with her kind. She wondered briefly how Piper would be dealing with the reintroduction of them into her life and the reminder that they would bring her.

Hearing her older sisters voice she couldn't help the twinge of pain that tore into her chest. Having her dead sister reappear was not something new in her line of work, her own mum and gran were constantly popping in and out of her life. It was just more painful having Prue alive to help them.

Walking around the library she let her hands glide over the books, hoping in vain to pick up a vision.

Bloodstained Hurricane 12-04-2008 01:20 PM

Hermione Granger

Hermoine stood with her back tot he library door as Val spoke. She knew that Harry would be ready to fight but Hermione was more the book smarts. She didn't know much about actual fighting. Pulling out her wand, she tied her bushy hair back into a ponytail and waited.

Willow Rosenburg

Willow sighed as she sat in the master's lair. She was hungry but since food was down in sunnydale, she didn't go hunting. She tilted her head towards Xander and pouted. "Xand, lets go hunting."

Stormrider 12-04-2008 10:55 PM

Paige Halliwell

Sighing as she watched Prue trying to take charge of the situation, she shook her head. While she may have the same powers as Prue, in a sense, she at least did not have the same personality. She was headstrong yes, but that did not mean she did not know how to defer leadership of a situation she was unfamiliar with.

Seeing that Prue's telekinesis did not work, she did not put much stock that her telekinetic orbing would succeed, but she tried anyways as she held out her hand for a book that did not so much as glow.

Pursing her lips, she decided to try to orb in place she felt that her orbs would not come to her. She wondered about why that is, it seemed to be a better explanation that her orbs not working were the reason she could not summon things to her. She decided to try the only other power she could try without having to injure someone first, her glamouring.

Looking around, she looked once over Valfreya and nodded to herself. Standing straight, she pulled her hand over her face as though she was doing a backwards arced wave, suddenly changing her entire looks, clothes and all, into an exact copy of what Valfreya looked like at this moment.

"Glad to see something works!"

Her voice startled her slightly, she still was unnerved how complete the change would be, voice and everything. Still, she preferred to be herself and reversed the wave motion, changing back into herself, wearing her original outfit of a tight pink t-shirt and pair of jeans, with hiking boots.

"So, if my orbing in all of its forms doesn't work, and your telekinesis doesn't work Prue, wonder what does besides my glamouring..."

Thinking, she looked over to Phoebe, noticing the familiar signs that she was trying to pull a premonition. Checking Piper, she saw that she had not tried to do anything as of yet.

"Try something Piper..."

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