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Default Posting month

That's right! December is posting month. So get your posting caps on and start posting! We are going to be holding a contest for who can post the most this month! Yep, we are!

Grand Prize Winner will receive:

A banner of their choice
An av of their choice 120x120
A title of Posting King or Queen
And 10 Rubies extra per post!

1st Runner Up will receive:
A title of Posting Prince or Princess
An av of their choice 115x115
And 5 Rubies extra per post!

2nd Runner Up will receive:
A title of Posting Jester
And 5 Rubies extra per post!

As a general rule, G-zone posts will not count towards post count for this contest. All posts must be considered on topic and not spam. All rpg posts need to be more than two sentences long.

Everyone have fun and get posting!!
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