Chapter 1 : Impersonation & inventory
Gil woke up in the morning entangled in the sheets. They has stayed up until dawn celebrating his ascent to the ranks of the Valkyries. Mist and Sif then decided to see if they along with Alara could test his stamina.
He extracted himself from the mass of blankets and limbs, dressed and made his way to the courtyard for his daily practice with Tomoe. As always she sat in the Lotus position in the middle of the courtyard with her eyes closed, mind elsewhere or so he thought.
*Good morning brother, how does it feel to be a Valkyrie?*
*Decidedly odd, because of Mist's influence I wondered often what it would be like to be one. To become one is beyond my wildest dreams. Then my real mother was revealed to be one. Completely stunned doesn't begin to cover it.*
Tomoe nodded as her eyes opened she looked at him with a smile.
"Mine was done at breakfast one morning. Freya and Sif ambushed me in the dining hall surrounded by the rest of the Eihnerjar. All of them grinning like fools as they carried me off. I was the first one to ever say nay the first time, in the history of a ceremony that's centuries old. Senna talked me into it two days later, she was convinced that I could contribute more as a Valkyrie. I said Yay the second time."
"You never lose the wonder of that moment, do you." Gil asked.
"No you don't, mine happened over seven centuries ago. Since your one of us now your training is complete you might even get to sleep in every once and awhile.
"I think not Tomoe sensei, I've always been an easy riser."
"Not even to stay with Mist and Sif?
Gil just planted his face in the palm of his hand shaking head.
"Does everyone know?"
"There is no such thing as a secret amongst the Valkyrie where all knowledge is shared. Even before you ascended, all of us knew and approved. Your good for both of them as they have been for you.
"Look at you, you were according to both Mist and your mother were a quiet, almost timid child. You became one of the elite warriors of Midgard, then one of the Valkyrie's."
"You did this in less than one human lifetime, it took me over a century. Your passing it on as you should to young Robin. Do you know I found him sitting beside me yesterday morning. When I asked him why he said he wanted to be like you. That statement you made to him gave him a purpose beyond himself. You set the example, I exspect Robin to become ascended one day himself."
"I never knew that men can become Valkyries, I tried to discourage him. His mother disapproved of him being a warrior."
" So you did, but if he truly wants it in his heart who are we to deny him. Robin will find his own way, look how you turned out."
"Yeah but in my journey there were some things that I would have at times wanted to miss. All of the pain, the blood, and the abject misery."
"That is life, yet you didn't give up, in the end you achieved your wildest dream. It's not the journey that's important, it's the rewards at the end. It's not over yet, think of it, you have inspired people. Robin, his mother, the Elves. Do you know that Hilda has a full class students that meets in the library everyday led by Robin, that is learning to read and write. There are nobles who can't do that much. You set that in motion."

"They want to be like you, more importantly they want to be you. Standing where you did, your fighting for their future. Remember that when things get rough."

As if on cue Robin followed by over fourty other children both girls and boys streamed out of the Fortress. All between eight and thirteen they stopped when they saw him dressed in his Valkyrie regalia, wings and all.

"See I told you. Men can be Valkyrie's now, Ord doesn't know what he's talking about."
"Who's Ord, Robin?"
"Him, he said I was a liar." As the boy pointed out his accuser.
Gil slowly glided towards the boy in question. As he looked down his eyes changed. You could hear a pindrop.
"Did he now, well here I am Ord, what do you have to say to Robin."
As if the children realized what was happening, Ord found himself alone face to face with a Valkyrie asking him a question. His mouth worked but nothing came out.
"How about I'm sorry Robin." He suggested.
"I'm sorry Robin." Ord said finally clearly awed by Gil's presence.
"Tell everyone what I told you to remember last night Robin."
"Be careful of what you say and do in life, you never know who's watching."
"Exactly right, and because I remembered that I became one of the Valkyries, and one day all of you, if you want it bad enough may have that chance. It was told to me by Mist when I was your age. Remember that, it's not a bad way to live your life. You never know, I may be watching you all one day."

Gil bowed to Tomoe, then with all the children looking at him he turned a precise about face heading for the Fortress. In the doorway stood Mist, Sif, Alara, Alura, Brunhilde, and two dozen of his sister Valkyries. Who were all applauding.
"Gil, you were magnificent." Both women said as they kissed him.
Then they turned him around just in time to see all the children bow. Gil drew his sword in the Valkyrie salute as his entire body flashed over in a violet sheen.
They all stood transfixed for a moment until Tomoe clapped her hands twice.
"Troublemaker." Brunhilde said in his ear as she hugged him.
"They will remember this day all of their lives. You have given them a dream to aspire to Gil." Sif said as she looked at them start their exercises.
"Let's make sure they have that future it's time to look in the Hall to find out what Loki was looking for."
"Alara, Alura would care to help? The sooner this is done, the sooner I can deal with Loki as distasteful as that sounds."
"Now remember you two don't touch anything. You don't have the Valkyrie ability to ascertain what weapon does by touch. The weapons are unloaded at least the guns are. There maybe explosive devices in there, all of them if there like the weapons are live."
"If you don't recognize a thing call me especially if it's a modern weapon. Above all be careful, don't move anything, there maybe a booby trap. I don't want anyone of you to get hurt, or worse killed. I haven't chosen anyone yet and the last person I want to start with is one of you."
"What's a booby trap Gil?" Alura asked. He had almost forgotten explosives hadn't been invented here.
"It's like a trap only there set to exsplode rather than just catch you. Just don't touch anything okay." Gil exsplained as he led them through the doors.
They searched throughout the upper gallery there were enough modern weapons to equip a battalion and then some. They didn't have the time to train any of the Elves, but the Eihnerjar were going to be armed to the teeth. He found the ammunition for the Mg-42 he set it and the gun itself by the door to give to Rob. He had a birthday coming up in three days it was time for him to get a surprise.
Then from the back he heard Alura call out,
"Gil come up here there are some strange backpacks up here."
When he walked upstairs he saw Mist and Alura standing next to a blanket under the edges of it was what looked like mid 60's era American camouflage. He didn't have to touch them to know what they were. He'd seen pictures of them in a declassified file after the weapons according to the Army had been destroyed. He had been right, his clairvoyance was spot on.
"Mist get everybody out of this room now!"
All of the Valkyries and the Elves were moving already, both Mist and Sif stood by to help. He carefully turned the backpacks around, laying them on their backs. Rob burst through the doors at a dead run, he was by Gil side in seconds.
"How did you.."
"Know you needed me. You're a Valkyrie Gil, they know what you know, you summoned me through the bond with Senna and Kara, you scared Kara so bad she fainted."
"Sorry Rob, I'll apologize to both of them later if we live through this. Let's hope their not booby trapped or armed."
Both of them worked on the backpack carefully cutting away the sides. Then they checked to see if they were wired. Then as one they revealed the cases on the top of each was clearly marked in block letters: MK-54 S.A.D.M.
"Before we panic lets check something first turn them around let's see if their sealed and locked."
Both men gave a sigh of relief that was echoed by the Valkyries, the locks had plastic seals that where connected to the case both of them were intact, the cases were locked tight. Where the keys were was anyone's guess.

"Mist you take Sif, strip search Loki, delve him make sure that son of a bitch didn't swallow the god damn keys. If he refuses to cooperate cut him open."

His partner was looking at him as if he hadn't seen him before, his words came snarling out. They looked at each other the only word he caught was something like: *Goodie*

Before they both ran off. Senna and a recuperated Kara entered the room. Before Gil could say anything she embraced him.

"We felt your fear, are they safe?"

"They are now take these to the strong room in the treasury lock them in, bring me the keys. I want no one to have access to it until we get rid of those suit case nukes. On second thought let's both take one. I don't want to take any chances."

As they made their way to the strong room Gil paused by the door and gave Rob the Mg-42.

"Happy Birthday, I know it's a little early but since your not a Valkyrie yet l thought a little extra firepower might come in handy."

" A little extra, how about a whole lot extra. Thanks partner." Rob said after a moment, he looked like he was almost ready to cry.

Morant carried the Mg even though it wasn't loaded as he escorted them down to the strongroom. Gil didn't relax until he had the keys.

Then Freya, Jasmine, and Jack walked up followed by General Swift and his Valkyries Tomoe and Ashe.
"A mark fifty four special atomic demolition munition. Malice and Loki planned to blow us all to hell. It would have taken out Almaren with the fall out." The General said with a scowl on his face. "I knew Loki was bad, he's complete psychopath."
"What is he talking about Gil fall out?"
"Poison debris that falls the sky that makes everyone sick mother." He said with concern in his voice.
"He wouldn't dare I'll cut him in half. Where is he now." Alara said as she drew steel.
People had tendency to think Elves were whimsical, that was mistake. They made for some bad enemies. They never forgot or forgave.
"He's under lock and key in a magic absorbing cell. So are the suitcase nukes, I have the key to the strong room. Let's go check on Mist and Sif.
As they walked down the corridor Gil changed his appearance back to his old one. The cell that Loki was in kept magic from getting in or out. He didn't know that ex soldier was a Valkyrie now and he wanted for now to keep it that way, but it brought a comment from General Swift .
"I was on a field exercise yesterday l heard of your ascension to Vakyrie from my two. Congratulations Gil. I've seen other Valkyries shapechage but it's still creepy to watch."
"It feels as strange as it looks, it literally feels like your skin is crawling."
They walked down the corridor and turned a corner. As soon as they did they heard sound.
"I'll do no such thing you Valkyrie bitch." The voice was Loki's. There was a loud smack like fist hitting a side of beef then silence.
Gil was the first down the stairs sword and Browning in hand. He jumped off the top step, hit the floor and rolled back into a crouch.
"Freeze, asshole!"
"His words where met by laughter from Mist and Sif. Loki was out cold again looking even worse for wear than the first time if that was possible. There were pieces of clothing all over the floor. Loki was facedown, naked, at the back of the cell. Sif was kneeling beside Loki with a blade in her hand she was ready to slice the God of Treachery into ribbons.
"Freeze asshole, short, direct, and to the point. I have to remember that one, Mist replied. As Sif got up and sheathed the knife.
"I heard a sound like meat hitting the floor. After the Valkyrie bitch part. From what I see Loki got his head handed to him again."
"Yes it was Loki. I only had to slam him face first into the wall twice." Sif replied as she rubbed her cheek there was a red welt acroacross her right cheek .
Then Loki moved to try rolling over Gil went to the god side to help him. Loki tried to strangle him before he got to Gil's neck the newest of the Valkyries had a gun in his face.
"I would reconsider that move if I were you, just give me a reason to kill you. Now back off to the back of the cell buster."
"Did you find any keys?"
"No, I delved him, no indication of them at all." Mist said without taking her eyes off of Loki. He started to back off out the cell with Mist and Sif. When they were outside and locked the door Gil looked through the small window in the door.
"If you behave yourself I'll get you some clothes and healer for your nose. You need to learn to be respectful in order to receive some."
"Why don't you go home mortal, this isn't your fight."
"Your wrong, you and Malice made this my fight. When you started slaughtering innocents."
"I don't know what Malice has promised you Loki but you made a bad bargain. She's lied to you, think about that. I'll make sure you get some food and check on you later."
"I'll only talk to you leave those hellion Valkyries outside next time."
"I'll have to think about that before I visit next time." Gil said, as he walked from the cellblock.
*I can see now what you meant about not being alone with Loki, I can feel the magic he's trying to use*
*He's compelled many more powerful people, he even had Odin under his thumb for a time. If he succeeds in seducing you, you’re dead or his slave forever.* Sif added grimly, as they got back to the main hall.
*Sif and I know him better than anyone, once he gets his hooks into you its almost impossible to get free. I worked for three days to set Sif free when Loki tried his last scheme.* Mist commented as she looked around
*It's a wonder that he hasn't been executed before now, Loki's a piece of work, I can feel the blood lust lurking just under the suface. Gil replied, as he changed back to his Valkyrie form.
They made it to Ashes rooms, the real ones knocked on the door when she opened it Gil reached unconsciously for the hand gun she had startled him with her appearance. She looked exactly like Malice, the only thing different were the eyes. You could see her soul in her eyes. A good heart for such a fearsome reputation.
She was dressed like Malice had when he had last seen her. The form fitting combination of leather and chain mail . The skirt made of leather was split up to her hip on both sides revealing her long dark legs. She looked at once both incredibly desireable and extremely dangerous. She walked to Gil smiling as she ran a single razor sharp fingernail down his chest. Her smile Is what struck Gil at once was one of the most seductive leers he had ever seen.
"Mist he's pretty, do you mind if I borrow him for a while?"
"Not at all, though dressed like that he'll start having nightmares."
"Or a wet dream, the outfit is amazing, now all we have to do is fool Loki. Ashe are you sure you want to do this? We can always do something else."
"Your worried about me, don't be. Dark elven women are notorious for winding men around their little fingers for eons. We learn it from the cradle, it can be turned into a weapon at our leisure."
"So that's what the hold is that Malice has on Loki." Gil mused, "All women are capable of it, some don't even realize it. Women are the most dangerous when least clothed."
All of them laughed at the last line as Gil mimicked a fish hook in his mouth.
"Are you ready Ashe? I know doing impersonation takes preparations."
"I'll be ready tomorrow morning and then we'll see what happens. Im going to have to practice the Dark Elves accent. When I came here mine was quite pronounced, in the years that I've lived here I lost it."
Gil wondered if she ever got homesick, it had to be tough to live in exile knowing that a monster had your people under her thumb.
Apparently he had broadcasted his thoughts as all three women were smiling at him.
"While I appreciate the consideration, don't worry about me so much." Ashe sald she laid the palm of her right hand against his cheek. He couldn't help himself looking at those lethal looking nails. He gently took her fingers in his hand and kissed the palm.
The snowy white eyebrow raised as a slow smile crossed her face. Ashe wasn't sure that he understood what this gesture ment amongst her people. He had shown her nothing but respect.
"Done, we have a pact brother." She said with a grin. The other two Valkyries roared with laughter.
Gil looked decidedly confused until the Valkyries memories kicked in the gesture was done for only two reasons in dark elven society. Marriage or swearing a blood feud. Ashe took it fortunately as the second option, though the first one would be interesting at least in his way of thinking.
. Then he remembered the Malice's nails sinking into his flesh.
"Do all the women of the Dark Elves file their nails that way. To the beveled points?"
"Yes, though now the custom is maintained by the nobility. It means I always have a weapon to fend off an assassin or the attentions of unwanted males. You can tell unmarried youthful males amongst my people. They don't have any scars on their faces. We call them beauty marks. I particularly like yours."
As she was speaking with her voice like warm honey she ran the tip of the talon on her index finger down the scar on his right cheek from a knife fight on a mission that he barely survived. He didn't flinch, he couldn't tear his eyes away from those silver ones smoldering not an inch away. Now he understood the power that these women wielded. The feeling of wanting to throw himself at her feet became almost overwhelming.
"Wow, I understand now." He got to finally say as Mist pulled him away. She explained something that Gil already knew.
"Now you understand Malice's most dangerous weapon. If you let her wrap a glamour around you, you'll be dead before you knew what hit you. Valkyrie doesn't mean invulnerability, if Malice is able to hit you unprotected with a fireball you'll be vaporized."
"Wonderful is there anyway to resist or stop that power." Gil asked, it meant that taking down Malice was going to be that much tougher.
"You did it, the only way to break a glamour is to not A. Not make eye contact, that would be difficult to achieve B. Tell yourself over and over that what you're seeing isn't real. That's what she used on Alura when she was her spy in Almaren."
"Your will is very strong, you have a keen sense of self. You'll be all right your link with Mist and Sif protects you.
Gil drew the replica of the Browning the slide make a very distinctive sound as chambered the first round.
"There's another solution it's called shoot first. I know Ashe what your feeling are about freeing your sister from Malice's control but I may not have a choice. Wouldn't it be better for her to be one of the Eihnerjar than live as that demonesses slave?"
"Only if there's no other choice, we need to figure out how to get her in front of the mirror of destiny."
Gil mind raced to think of way to free her. Then his mind enhanced by the Valkyries memories comes up with an idea.
"How big is the mirror can it be moved? We capture her during the assault or lure her here. Then we either trick her or force her to look into the mirror all it would take is one glance if what I'm getting from the pool of memories is accurate."
The lake in the chamber where he had been ascended in turned out to be a vast organic information storage system. The crucial component of the Valkyries memories network.
He knew now when they had him look into the pool they were introducing him to it. They memory exchange took place took place whenever you needed it.
"Yes," Mist mused, "it can be moved it's not very large. It looks like a stand mirror with an elaborate gilt frame in the shape of dragon's."
"Have it brought down to the main hall keep it covered in a corner like something that's unimportant when we lure her here rip the sheet off and make sure that she's standing in front of it. Checkmate!"
The smiles on the Valkyries faces told him that he had come up with the correct option. All that was needed was to take down Loki first.