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Interactive Writing For those role players that participate at their leisure, this place is for you.

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Default The Doctors

Doctor Who RPG!!

Summary: The Doctor gets a cry for help on psychic paper and goes to where it leads him. Only to see two other T.A.R.D.I.S's there. The 9,10,and 11th Doctors are in the same spot, crossing their time stream. The count down to the end of the world has begun!

9th Doctor
AI: Christopher Eckelson
Played by;

10th Doctor
AIavid Tennent
Played by:

11th Doctor
AI: Matt Smith
Played by:

The Companions
Rose Tyler
AI: Billie Piper
Played By:

Donna Noble

Martha Jones

Amelia Pond
AI: Karen Gillian
Played by: Epona

Rory Pond

The Lover
River Song
Played by

The Enemies



and more to come!
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