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Default SCA Funny

From the scribal list, thought I would share:

You will also make the SCA immortal. But how will we SCA folks be seen?
I think we scribes people now and in future see the SCA as super-cool.

I can see it now. The Antiques Roadshow of 2213. They're all lined up on the lawn of the Henry Ford Greenfield Village. A boy named Sherman brings out a 200 year old SCA scroll on parchment, with all period pigments and gold leaf on g esso. He also has a ca. 1978 scroll on calligraphy practice paper, made with felt-tip pens and Magic Marker......

The appraiser begins: "The parchment scroll is valued at $7,000, and I apologize, but its not worth more because it is from Dag's reign, and as we know, he was king 18 times, so these scrolls are not very rare. By his 11th reign everybody was using all period stuff, so they're pretty common.

However, this other one here is very rare indeed. Magic markers were only used in the very early days of the SCA, and since the Society was so small back then, and the paper was usually very acidic, it is incredibly rare to see one of these intact. In fact, this is the first one I've heard of surviving past 2025. Tell me, how did you come by it, and how is it in such good condition?"

The owner looks at the antiques appraiser and confesses: "I couldn't find any that weren't dark brown and crumbling, so I used Mr. Peabody's WABAC machine to go back in time and fetch one. In those days you could get an APF for giving the royalty a backrub."

"Thank you, Sherman. So, that brings us to the price. Its difficult, since there aren't any similar scrolls up for auction anywhere, but I'm thinking this Magic Marker one is worth about $24,000. Do you know how much that would be in American dollars of 200 years ago?"

"Sure, that's about $1.49 in ca. 2000 dollars when you account for inflation."
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