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Planning Forum This is where we are going to plan what this is going to look like.

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Default Planning Thread

Marvel AND DC comic book heroes that are in the world. Inhumans, mutants, aliens, and humans who have technology would be all involved. This would be a NON side fighting rpg. So there would be fighting, but fighting among a story line characters. It would be developed.

Each storyline would have an out of character thread to help plan it.

All characters would come from Marvel or DC comic books, movies, or tv shows. One main character per person. So.. there can't be an Old man Logan and Wolverine playing by two different person. If Logan is being played that is the only Logan allowed. That includes Jean Gray/ Phoenix, Bruce Wayne/ Batman, ONE Spiderman unless it is agreed with the original Spiderman that another dimension can show up. That includes, Spiderwoman, Spidergirl, Spider Gwen.. etc.

Pictures should be the comic book pictures, not the actors. Since Batman and Superman and etc are all played by many actors and actresses, it would be better for the comic book pictures be used for the pictures. Original work would be also included.

Original characters will not be allowed as first character. It would be better to have a familiar character to be introduced first then let the person branch to original characters.

Since DC and Marvel have different cities and different universes.. I was thinking that a POWER that BE would bring them into our world and dump them into a major city and let it unfold. Since Marvel has relatively the same cities as we do, it shouldn't be too hard for them. But DC might be a bit more disoriented. The Power that Be is only played to introduce new characters. They are more like a Watcher in Marvel than anything else. (Think Stan Lee being in every Marvel movie but not really being a major character)

Possible Characters:
DC Characters
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Green Arrow
Black Canary

Marvel Characters
Captain Marvel- reserved
Miss Marvel reserved
Doctor Strange
Luke Cage
Jessica Jones
Iron Fist
Captain America
Iron Man

There are many more! Heck that is mainly off the top of my head.

Main settings:

Avengers Tower
X-men Mansion
Fortress of Solitude
Justice League Headquarters

So with them being in our universe, these obviously do not really exist. I would think that the leaders that the Powers that Be drop first would establish something that the others would end up living there, if they want. There is no sides, so a DC hero can live in a Marvel headquarters if they chose to. The villians that might be played would make it interesting if Joker met Loki. Or Thanos. It would make interesting stories.

Leveling up will be through level 20. Each level means a new character. Each player submits a request for promotion form and leaders will vote yes or no if they are active enough for another character. Leaders have unlimited characters *looks at Windi*
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