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Default The Southern Vampire Series by Charlaine Harris

Book 1 - Dead Until Dark

I never used to like books written in the first person but after reading L.K.Hamilton and Kelley Armstrong I found I didn't mind, so I tried this book and I loved it!

I think that Sookie is a great female character and the book is just full of everything. I liked Bill. He's such an old fashioned, protective gentleman. I love the part were they go to Fangtasia and they have a misunderstanding about why Sookie wont tell the fang-bangers to leave him alone. And then the scene after Sookie tells him about her great uncle and he goes and takes care of it and she tells him its like dating the Godfather. I automatically like Eric, I don'y know why, I just do!!

It was so sad about her Gran. She was such a nice old lady. And the character of Bubba is just genious!!

Its a must read book!!

Book 2 - Living Dead In Dallas

This was a great follow up to the first book and introduced a new supernatural creature as well as looking into the werewolves a bit more.

I can't believe that Sookie got mad at Bill for buying her a shopping mall!! I'd love one, be damned if I looked like a kept woman or not lol

I liked that Eric was in this book a lot more as well. His interferance with Bill and Sookie was so devious and comical. First when he interupts them in their hotel room and then at the end when Bill catches Eric and Sookie on the hood of Eric's car. He's loveably manipulative lol It was a good scene were Eric saved her from a bullet and then got her to drink his blood. I also thought the scene were Sookie is crying with Eric and he's begging her to stop lol

It's another amazing read!!

Book 3 - Club Dead

Another great addition to the book series. It delves a lot deeper into, not only werewolf society but also how the vampires are ruled.

I didn't like Bill in this book! The way he acted towards Sookie was awful and then just for him, at the end, expect her to still be his was unbelievably arrogant! Although I didn't like the possessive way he told Eric she was still his!

Again I loved Eric in this book! He's just such a great character. When he was telling Sookie he didn't like having feelings and then just walked off, I thought that was so Eric.

My favorite quote from this book was:
''You gonna shoot us, little lady?''
''You bet your ass I am.''

Alcide was a nice introduction to the book and he seems like a good match for Sookie. Its a shame his girlfriend is a bit crazy!! And Bubba again was amazing in this book. I loved it when he interupted Eric and Sookie and then chided Sookie because she was with Bill. He's such a love!

Its another great book!!

[b]Book 4 - Dead To The World

This is my favorite book so far!! I love the introduction of witches and faries to the series. Claudine is such a love!

I love how Eric is in this book and the fact that Sookie and Eric finally get it on, even though it ends as soon as he gets his memory back! He's great when he does have his guard up and he's honest with her.

I actually missed Bill in this book even though he was in it at the beginning and the end. I don't know it I honesty believed what he told Sookie at the beginning. Maybe that's me being a pesimist and not an optimist but it just seemed too convenient a story.

This is a must read book especially for Eric fans!!

Book 5 - Dead As A Doornail

Poor Jason He gets turned into a Were, then finds he likes it but then gets accused of shooting other weres. It just never goes right for him!! I couldn't believe how happy he was when Sookie got shot because that proved that he was innocent. It kind of shows how self obsorbed he is!

I loved Eric again in this book. His reaction when he found out what happened between him and Sookie was great! I love how he cares about her! I thought the scene were she handed him the brush and told him to sweep the floor was comical!

I'm liking Bill less and less throughout the books. Normally I think I'd find it charming when brooding vampires get all possessive but Bill reacts so childishly!! Bringing a date into the bar just to make Sookie jealous is spiteful!!

Book 6 - Definitely Dead

I knew there was a reason I didn't like Bill!! I can't believe his whole relationship with Sookie was a set up!! And I don't believe him when he says he really fell in love with her!! I was expecting to not like the Queen, because it was on her orders that Bill was following, but I really did like her.

There wasn't enough Eric in this book for my liking. What he was in I loved. His first scene with Sookie when he goes to her house was hillarious!! I don't think Eric's feelings can just be put down to Sookie having a bit of fairy in her. I do think he loves her!!

I really like Quinn! I like how he got all mad that he couldn't protect Sookie. It was so sweet! And the fact that he seems to be the biggest, baddest shiper is a plus as well.

I also liked Amelia. I think she's a good match for Sookie!!

It was an amazing book as always!!

Book 7 - All Together Dead

This was another amazing book!! I love the plot line. The vampire community took another hit with regards to its population!

I love the Eric/Sookie parts. I'm so glad that their more deeply tied to each other and I hope it doesn't ware off. It reminds me of the relationship between Jean-Claude and Anita as vampire and human servant in the L.K.Hamilton novels! I loved the bomb scene, when Eric and Quinn were trying to be heroic.

I again, didn't miss Bill in this novel. I do like Quinn, but I would much rather Sookie be with Eric. I'm glad we got a closer look into Quinn's past, it was quite tragic!

So another must read!

Who else reads these books?
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Hmm, sounds like a good series. I will just have to pick it up next time I am at a bookstore.
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Its now been produced into the series True Blood. We only get it over here in the UK in July. I dont know if I'm going to like it though. I watched a few episode when I was on holiday in Florida last year and I couldnt get into it
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